Summer Amazed trip - Saigon trip Routine

Day 1 : Reached Saigon airport,Tan Son Nhat International Airport for 1 hour flight time from LCCT, Selangor. Get a cab head to phang ngu lao for accomodation. Having local beef noodle as dinner and cruise around in a furious traffic city. All i gotta say is the traffic is HORRIBLE! i was barely to cross a street when the first moment i stepped out from taxi! The greatest part is i was trying various of local foods!
Note: From Airpot to Phang Ngu Lao taxi fees is about vnd 100-150k or you can request count by metres.
A normal guest house per room is about US dollar 10-15 depend condition.

Day 2: Get on a bus heading to Muine, reach Muine around 1300. Tour around Muine with visiting White sand, red sand and fishing village. Pretty amazing views over there because those places were really nature scenes, unpoluted and undiscovered. And i had my ever first time to sit on a big Jeep, kinda fun with wind blowing all the way.
Note: Bus can easily get in Sinh Cafe, USD 5 per person from Saigon to Muine.
Tour around Muine with bikes are vnd 100k - 100k per person.
Tour around Muine with Jeep are vnd 200k - 300k per person depend places you want to go.
Hotel rate is USD 8- 15 depend condition.

Day 3: Get on bus early in the morning heading to Dalat. A very nice journey across the off road. Arrived in Dalat in 1400, check in hotel. Visiting Dalat places, Last King's Palace, Crazy house, flower aka love garden, waterfalls and very nice local night market.
Note:A vip van cruising service with vnd 500k for 2 persons included entrance fees. Sinh Cafe provides bus service depend your choice to Dalat, Nha Thang, Hue.
Dalat is a very nice highland city with cold weather, you can find a lot of cheap local stuffs in night market in central of city.
Hotel rate is USD 8-10 depend your choice.

Day 4:Get on bus heading back to Saigon. It took whole day time to travel back from Dalat to Saigon. Visited to night market in central city.
Note: Depart from Dalat to Saigon take about 8 hours based on traffic condition. Bus ticket is USD 10-13.

Day 5: Visiting to Army camp, Cuchi Tunnel in the morning. Cu Chi tunnel is about during war time when vietnamese fight with US army and how smartly they invented a long tunnel which connected to Cambodia. Gun fire trial service was also available there, for vnd 30k per bullet you can try with different arms like m-16,m4a1,some mechine guns and etc. Visit china town and purchased coffee powder in China Town District 9. Last shoping in Central night market.
Note: Every travel agency provides A day trip to Cu Chi Tunnel. USD 5 per person.
You can find a lot of cheap stuffs in Saigon night market, a place shouldn't miss!

Day 6: Heading to Airport ready to fly back LCCT. Reach at home at 1400. Great Journey.
Note: Whole trip expenses draftly around RM700- RM800. Very encomic tour for 6 days. Plus zero fair of purchasing Airasia ticket with paid taxes RM80 for two way kinda worthy. Currently i'm saving and preparing for next trip - Tibet! Stay tune!

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25 OCT 2009 SIC Motogp

International Rempit's Day

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22 Oct 2009 Sepang Go-Kart's Day

My classmate, Rona.

Young riders with their helmets.

Malaysia local Celebrity Walked-in.

Riders Bradley Smith and Julian Simon

On track line-up.

Rider, Marco Melandri.

Motogp rider, Dani Pedrosa.

I photographed with local artist and canon girl:-)

Marco Melandri's waiting on his turn.

This is a great experience for me to have a ride in go-kart with motogp racer and celebrity. ( Even though i don't really know who are them wuakakaa). The story begins with tuesday i got a call from canon, a girl on phone calling me and asking me whether going for this go-kart event? then i wonder when and what is that about? she told me it's go-kart with some motogp racer? First thing came into my mind was :" what ? then i can bang valentino rossi, he dies this time!" then i just said yes i'll like to go to that girl even in fact i have class on that day, kekekeke...
I brough along my classmate, Rona for this trip because he used to be my mate for all shooting project, a cinemathography wannabe and honestly he's not bad in shooting so i might need him take photo for me. 1.30pm i reach Sepang Go-kart circuit with few people out there, a canon represent girl came to me and told me she could offer my friend ride go-kart with me too, then my friend just like "wow? i not even know how to drive?" then i said " come on dude, i also first time, let's press the gas and bang some asses!" so he registered in the counter and wearing slipper get on go-kart have a practice rides with me.
The weather is damn hot on that day, few motogp rider coming up with luxurious cars cariers but seriously i don't know who the hell are them, i see all the media press shooting their pictures and i just follow they do:) It's fun to have a ride with the riders and celebrity when you race in the track and cut them over, i wish i could show my middle finger back to them but i didn't do so ahah.

10 June 2009 Batu Cave

Top view of stairs & Bottom View

A indian teen is selling coconut juice.

Statues in temple outlook

Because of today's Depeevali, reminds me of i went to this indian's temple at Batu Cave in few months before. It's fun because i was not often visit this kind of holy place, not even once to church in a month haha. My girl keep murmuring me about why not ask indian biscuit from my friend? haih... she doesn't understand my indian buddy mostly christian they only celebrate X'mas.
This temple is open from 8am - 9pm, there is RM1 need to pay when you go in the parking area. There is 272 stairs steps for you to climb from bottom till the cave entrence, its amazing view from down to look above, and seem like long way to go but in fact not that hard, you can done in 7minutes in normal speed walks. Actually there's nothing inside the cave, just some indian praying stuffs and selling sourvenirs, you might not buy those KLCC toys and keychain. It is interesting about viewing this natural cave and historical place. During evening, people stay nearby will jogging around. You might bring some rice over to feed those birds in front of the temple.

KL area Night Markets

Monday - Serdang Area

Pancake in process. You might wan to get one for eating and walking in same time.

Pirated dvds + cds like usual.

Handbegs, sling begs, belts on sale. Many choices than official branded shop somemore you can find Gucci and Lv are selling same time^^

Pancakes. Try out origin style.

Japanese octopus-balls. Hot and tasty!

Lok-Lok. City's Favourite

Sushi & Clothes

Fish balls with different flavours like curry, sweet source.

Wun-Zai Ko, cook on spot!

Outlook of Pasar Malam

Monday - Seri Kembangan Oldtown nearby South City Plaza, Seri Kembagan Kampung sec3.
Nightmarkets space: not over 3km in 4 roads.
Like usual nightmarket in KL, everything seem same selling in stalls included foods like different types of mee, cakes, breads and fishballs. Beside that, there are many interesting things u can find over here that's majority of Hakka-food because SK is been surrounded with Hakka-people. Pan mee stalls are likely can see around and also different dishes of Hakka-style. This night markets majority is chinese stalls and customers. Youth also majority shop in this night market because UPM just nearby. You might travel here sometimes to check it out!

A bit of photography mistake is i wasnt turn on Auto-focus while taking the photo without realising LOL! So some pics are really blur, plus the composition not that good because i wasn't that daring snapping with my DSLR like that in the street with many eyes staring at me thinking " Look this bastard, what is he trying to do with this?" If i am seeing a person like that, i might think that too with no doubt, kekekee...

10-10-09 Marathon's Day

Ck & me been directed by female phographers to act Gay acts, no doubt i'm a good model/actor.

Angelyne and ex-classmate Reunion at Atap House

Angelyne's Act cute

Shooting In Process on the sand

Angelyne sunblockin' on the bridge

Friends in Subang meet in spontenous.

CK's cousin, Ai Dee ? A young & talented photographer

Staffs Potraits

Couple Sets

My Classmate, photograhper, Rona

Potrait of theme "Splashing" of the kids photo

What a day... I am convinced that Malaysian photographers are the most patient, at least i could see a crazies one my friend, CK, wuakakakaa... invited me on last minitues to join this completely over 12 hours photography marathon seasson, had fun thought... No doubt we run thru the sun shine till the moon, greatful day ever! More photo album available check up my facebook profile !